About Us


Thank goodness they managed to sew it back on properly.

When I was four, I accidentally bit my tongue off and I’m almost certain that was the moment I decided to never take it for granted. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to taste the world, one bite at a time and to talk about it as much as possible. My name is Hayley Harland and the Delectable Diary is where I have been sharing my stories for the past few years.

Born near Portsmouth in England, I grew up in a time where school dinners looked more like dog food. I had a selective pallet and so, much to my teachers’ dismay, I would refuse all but ginger nuts and hold out until after school where, at our excellent local Indian takeaway, I blew all my pocket money on Bhindi Bhaji and the like. I would eat just enough so that there would be some leftover for breakfast the following morning, corn flakes were not my thing. As soon as I was old enough, I got a job at an Indian restaurant. The chefs would test how hot I could handle a curry and I often spent my evenings there with my face in a bucket of ice.

I eventually got a little bit bored of curry and discovered the European continent, who would have thought that just a few miles of water could’ve kept me and my beloved apart for so long? The natural inbuilt passion for food over there fascinated me and I’ve been trying to swim back, as much as possible, ever since.

For now, I hope you enjoy my ecstatic and occasionally disastrous foodie tales. I could wish for a little bit less adventure, but then what would there be to write about?